TILO Curriculum:

    • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences* (ACEs): 2 hours
      • This is an introductory session that provides the latest research on the effects of toxic stress on human development. High exposure to toxic stress is directly correlated with negative student outcomes. This session is designed to begin shifting mindsets on the causes of behavior and learning gaps while laying the foundation for fostering healthier student outcomes.
    • Understanding How To Overcome Disrupted Neurological Development Part 1*: 3 hours
      • This session starts exploring research based interventions for supporting in nurturing healthy student development that will support students in regulating their emotions and positive academic outcomes.
    • Understanding How To Overcome Disrupted Neurological Development Part 2: 4 hours
  • This session begins to explore the complexities of the most effective research based interventions: Collaborative Proactive Solutions and Whole Brain Integration strategies. Teachers will have the initial tools necessary for transforming their classroom culture and priming their student’s brains for learning.
  • The Science of Social and Emotional Intelligence: 3 hours
    • Everyone understands the importance of establishing healthy relationships, but not everyone knows how. This session provides educators with the science of relationships. Our brains are social organs that need to be stimulated. Teachers will learn how to use the science of Social Intelligence to support students in healthy attachment, regulation, and learning.
  • Exploring Stereotypes and Biases: 6 hours
    • Understanding our individual identity is paramount to connecting with our students. These sessions begin to explore the complexities of our identity, culture, and social context and how they directly or indirectly affect our ability to connect with our kids. Teachers will have a deeper understanding of biases and/or stereotypes they didn’t know existed within themselves and the implications they have in the classroom.

*Mandatory Session

  • Exploring the TILO Framework: 2 hours
    • Extensive research in the fields of medical health, mental health, and education have shaped our comprehensive framework. This session helps stakeholders understand the importance of:
      • Parent education
      • Mental Health Services
      • Healthy Nutrition
      • Importance of Exercise
      • Meditation
      • Positive Peer Groups
      • This framework is designed to support our students and adults in prioritizing self-care as the number one intervention for overcoming the effects of disrupted development resulting from high exposure to toxic stress.
  • How To Improve Academic Achievement: multiple sessions up to 10 hours
    • These sessions deeply examine the building blocks needed to foster positive academic outcomes. In the field of education, we cling on to buzz words like grit, resilience, and growth mindset. While these characteristics are critical to positive student outcomes, it is important to understand the necessary foundational blocks such as attachment, self-regulation, and stress management, to name a few, that are prerequisites to the higher order skills such as resilience.

Teachers receive individualized coaching on research-based interventions for supporting all students. Each teacher will receive a coaching cycle that includes: goal setting, modeling with a detailed narration of the “what” and “why”, observation of teacher and feedback designed to make the teacher think critically, and debriefing.  

TILO staff provide:

  • Developmentally appropriate education of TILO framework for understanding how to overcome the effects of toxic stress
  • Evidence & Strengths Based Mental Health Services: individual and/or group counseling
  • Collaborative Proactive Solutions

TILO partners with guardians, medical and mental health providers, and community stakeholders continuing to implement our framework and educational resources

TILO provides a holistic approach that will streamline and manage the education, support and resources in a child’s life. This includes networking, partnering, oversight, communication, and case management to ensure all students have access to community services and adults that act as healthy buffers to toxic stress.  

Establishing a clear vision, communicating the vision, and actively progress monitoring are paramount to successful school programs. TILO’s experienced staff support, coach, and mentor school level administrative teams in developing a comprehensive multi-year vision. Through our support, building level teams with have the resources and tools needed to improve and sustain a positive school culture and positive academic outcomes for all students.

Areas We Support:

  • Trauma Education
  • Mental Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Transforming School Culture & Climate
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Certified Staff in Collaborative Proactive Solutions