Inspire and build a new reality of what’s possible for all children


TILO is focused on transforming communities through systematically uniting the interdependence of three distinct disciplines: mental health, medical health, and education.  We believe that our entire community deserves a future where every child’s potential is unlocked and within reach. We will utilize expertise and inspire collaboration necessary to develop a new understanding of what is possible for all children. TILO is committed to providing an innovative and holistic approach involving students, educators, families, health professionals and all stakeholders to promote change.  We believe in a future that disrupts the status quo in education to make it an industry where all children, regardless of background, are successful, included, and supported.

Core Values

Respect - Respect ourselves and others by accepting the qualities that make us all unique
Integrity - Being honest to ourselves and others
Imagination - Creating innovative solutions to inspire and promote change.
Compassion - Caring for ourselves and others to create a safe supportive community
Collaboration - Working together to become the best version of ourselves
Empathy - Understand our feelings and the feelings of others to create lasting meaningful relationships

Red haired fair skinned woman walking